General Concerns

Questions, comments, concerns, complaints . . . use this form to communicate things that don't have have a specific form.


While we never want anyone to miss a performance, conflicts are sometimes unavoidable. Please use this form to communicate your performance conflicts. Please fill it out well in advance of your absence so adjustments can be made.

Bag Lunch-Field Trips

Please be sure to fill out this form at least a week prior to any off-campus field trips or performances.


Reeds, valve oil, drum sticks, slide oil, Santimist, etc! If you need something or you happen to notice that we are out of something, please use this form to let me know.

Dress Clothes

We have a wide variety of black pants, black dress shoes, white dress shirts and black ties. Be sure to fill this out at least a week before the performance.


Please report all instrument issues as soon as possible. Don't just sit there playing a broken instrument - it's better to take care of any issues right away.