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We have made series of post in the past concerning Facebook app, how to create a new Facebook, account Facebook and lots more. But in this article, we are going to show you the simple steps for free Facebook Login or better still Facebook sign in.

facebook login

You do not need to be told that you can login to Facebook using the social network app or through the web that is www.facebook.com login page, or even the social network (Facebook messenger app).

Facebook is one of the biggest social networking sites as of today followed by Twitterand Instagram. A recent statistics revealed that the daily active users of Facebook, that is the number of people who hit the Facebook.com login button on daily basis is more than 1 billion.

In the report, it was also made known that one among seven people in the world login to Facebook account daily. The services provided by Facebook are user luring, either it’s Facebook Messenger or Instagram.

Facebook Login or Facebook sign in is easy and straightforward. You can login to Facebook account without any hassle. Here are tutorials for Facebook Sign in from the web, Facebook account login in android and apple device.

Facebook Login in a web Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera)

  • Open a browser and type www.facebook.com and you will see the homepage of Facebook as shown bellow.
    • When Facebook homepage opens, you will see a box to enter ‘Facebook username and password’. Enter your valid phone number or Facebook E-mail and Facebook password.
    • Click ‘Log In’ for Facebook Login.
  • With the above simple procedures, you have successfully logged in to your Facebook account. Now you can connect with friends and family easily on the Facebook web.

    How To Login Facebook Messenger

    To login to Facebook messenger app is very simple. The simplicity is as a result that if you are using Facebook app on your phone, immediately you login on the app, then follow the steps bellow to Login to Facebook messenger.

    • First download Facebook Messenger app.
    • Open the messenger. Click on the point at the top right hand side of the app as indicated in the image below.

    Facebook Login | Facebook Account Sign In | www.facebook.com Login

    • Then in case the app has been logged in with another account, click on the “Switch Account” Button as indicated with the red box.

    Facebook Login | Facebook Account Sign In | www.facebook.com Login

    • Click on the + icon as mark with red ink on top right hand side of the app.

    Facebook Login | Facebook Account Sign In | www.facebook.com Login

    • Finally, enter your email or phone number and password in the field and click “ADD”

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