Semester 1 - Music Selection Final 2014









Section 7:52-8:12 8:15-8:35
Flute/Alto/Percussion Woodwind Sectional - Band Room


Trumpet Smart Music Lesson - Music Lab
Low Brass Lesson - Music Lab Smart Music
Percussion Smart Music



Section 7:52-8:12 8:15-8:35
Flute/Alto/Percussion Lesson - Music Lab Smart Music


Smart Music Lesson - Music Lab
Trumpet Brass Sectional - Band Room
Low Brass
Percussion Recording Project - Auditorium



Twins vs. Red Sox Game on Wednesday April 25, 2012

Permission Slip


Game Day Information

All students have indicated that they have secured their own ride to and from the game. If this is NOT the case, please contact me IMMEDIATELY so we can come up with Plan B and make sure everyone gets to the game.

We will meet at 5pm in the lobby of Orchestra Hall (Click here for directions) where we will get our tickets, t-shirts and also have a short rehearsal with the other 120 trumpet players.

After the short rehearsal, all of the trumpet players will walk the short distance to Target Field where will we be issued our field passes and be escorted onto the field. After we play, we will be escorted up to our seats. It is the responsibility of the STUDENTS to keep track of their trumpets and get them back to BCHS safely the next day. Please do NOT leave your instrument unattended at any time!!!

Again, students are responsible for getting to and from the game and have indicated that this is taken care of.

There are several students that have games and will be arriving late. I will have your t-shirts, tickets and field passes and will wait for you as long as I can at the Transit Hub entrance (where the Light Rail drops off fans for the game). If it starts to get too late, I can't promise I will be there waiting, as I have to get on the field to play as well.

If you have any questions, please send me an email or a Facebook message: